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My breeding selections are made by cherry picking the best plants from my favorite varieties, from the best companies, like, Rocbud, Twenty20, Humboldt Seed Co, Dutch Passion, Ethos, Fastbuds, Night Owl, Gas Reaper (defunct) etc . Big ups to the breeders who have come before me!   I always give credit, where credit is due!

-Amnesia Zkittlez X Peach Martini = Zmarteez

-Amnesia Zkittlez X Peach Martini X Pineapple Runtz = Zmart Z's
-Original AK47 X Peach Martini = Loaded Martini

-Strawberry Gorilla X Peach Martini = Brass Monkey
-Arctic Sunset X Peach Martini = Arctic Martini

-Mimosa Cake X Peach Martini = Chem-Mosa Cake

-Lemon Pie X Peach Martini = Chem 'N Pie

-Dream Queen X Peach Martini = Dreamtini

-Blue Cheese X Peach Martini = Blue Martini

-Strawberry Banana X Peach Martini = Jahmba Juice

-Blue Martini X Pineapple Runtz F4 = TropiChem Candied Cheese

-Banana Purple Punch X Pineapple Runtz F4 (limited NFS)

-Peach Crescendo X Pineapple Runtz = RuntzCendo BX1 (limited NFS)
-Scarlet Sunset X Zmart Z's V2 = Scarlet Z's (limited run)

-Peach Crescendo X Zmart Z's V2 = CrescendoZ BX1 (limited run)

-Cheesecake Gelato X Zmart Z's V2 = Grapefruit Cheescake Gelato (limited run)


-RuntCendo BX1 F2
-CrescendoZ BX1 X RuntzCendo BX1(BX2)

-Jahmba Juice X RuntzCendo BX1
-Scarlet Z's X RuntzCendo BX1

-Grapefruit Cheescake Gelato X RuntzCendo BX1

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